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third life was a short minecraft series based on the concept of every player starting with 3 lives. any time they die, they lose a life, and hitting zero means they're done with the series. Green and Yellow lives play the game like normal, and Red lives are supposed to try and kill other players.

the members of third life were Grian, Scar, Bdubs, Bigb, Impulse, Martyn, Ren, Tango, Etho, Scott, Joel, Skizz, Cleo, and Jimmy. they are listed here in the order they died, starting with who died last and ending with the first out of the series. funnily enough, in all three 'life series so far, Jimmy was the first one to lose all of his lives. (although, in last life, he lost the fewest lives total - he only had two lives and never gained any from another player)

third life is succeeded by last life, double life, and a currently unnammed series that is theorized to be released in March of 2023 this fourth series, called limited life has been released as of 3/3/2023! each version has a different gimmick.

You can view the members list here!

last life

last life's gimmick was that each player got a randomized number of lives at the start, anywhere from two to seven, and could trade lives with each other. this game also introduced the bogeyman, who would be randomly chosen from all non-red players, and would have to kill another player b the end of the session else they'd drop directly to their final life, regardless of their current life count.

the members of last life were Scott, Ren, Martyn, Pearl, Joel, Etho, Grian, Cleo, Scar, Bigb, Tango, Bdubs, Lizzie, Impulse, Skizz, Mumbo, and Jimmy.

double life

double life went back to the three lives of third life, however, each player had their life count bound to a soulmate, where they shared health and lives. the shared healthbar meant that any damage taken by one would also affect the other, and anything that killed one would kill the other. they also did not know who their soulmate was at the start - they had to find them in the first session.

the double life duos were:

  • Pearl โ™ก Scott
  • Martyn โ™ก Cleo
  • Bdubs โ™ก Impulse
  • Joel โ™ก Etho
  • Grian โ™ก Scar
  • Bigb โ™ก Ren
  • Jimmy โ™ก Tango

โœฐ new!limited life

the gimmick of limited life is that lives are time - each player starts with 24 hours, and dying takes one hour from that time. 24-16 hours is a Green life, 16-8 hours is a Yellow life, and 8-0 hours is a Red life. this series also brings back the bogeyman mechanic! someone who kills when becoming the bogeyman gains an hour back, and the person they killed looses two hours, and when the bogeyman fails to make a kill, they drop down an entire color.

green lves cannot kill other players (unles they're chosen as the bogeyman), yellow lives can kill green lives, and red lives can kill anyone. the incentive to kill someone is that killing another player adds 30 minutes to your timer.

You can view each members remaining time on this page! (Updated manually - may not be fully updated right when episodes come out.)


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